May 1, 2021

6 Easter Outfit Ideas That Are Chic But Comfortable

One of the things I get most excited about for any holiday is having an excuse to dress up. Easter is particularly unique because it is such a lovely time to be with family and celebrate spring without having to go all out. There is no one right way to dress for Easter. It’s one of those interesting holidays that is engulfed in tradition and historical and spiritual significance – but it also means something different to every family and every person. I recommend taking whatever the holiday means to you, and using that as inspiration to create your perfect Easter look. No matter how you’re celebrating, here are some cute spring outfits that would work.

Elegant Vintage-Inspired Dress

When in doubt, always opt for an elegant dress. Especially if the celebrations are going to be on the formal side, you could never go wrong with a beautiful vintage-inspired dress. And as you know me well, I surely would add a hat to the mix. It is a holiday celebration after all.

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Girly Blouse

Looking for a last minute outfit to wear for Easter? Not to worry! I adore this cute yet elegant blouse with a playful print and a tie. One of the trends this upcoming spring and summer season are pastels.This pale pink is such a beautiful shade and will add some sunshine into your day while at the same time adds some playfulness and femininity. It’s chic enough to wear day or night, and is especially perfect for spring and Easter in particular. Combine it with your favourite pair of jeans for extra comfort or level up the girly vibe by adding a skirt of your choice.

 Lightweight Dress


 If you are seeking chic but comfortable spring outfit combinations, you can never go wrong with a loose dress. It does not matter if you are more of a mini person or a maxi person – either way you know it will be easy to wear all day long. When shopping for new, flowy pieces to add to your collection, you can look for trendsetting details that will ensure your dress looks updated and fresh for the season. For instance, the key detail of mine is the bold almost tropical print that stands out. Add few accessories of your choice and you are good to go.

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Preppy Chic

 Easter is a fun time to play with the more formal side of things, especially if your family celebrates the religious aspects of the holiday and attends services on Easter morning. Some ideas for fun, feminine Easter pieces that call back to a more modest vibe are the matching sets. This plaid patterned one is chic but not too bold, so it's perfect fot the occasion.

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Pastels and statement sleeves 


Pastel colors bring me so much joy in general, and, of course, they are the best color palette for Easter! Also, the puffy statement sleeve is still having its moment and who am I to deny its infinite charm? I simply cannot seem to get enough of them and I love this romantic dress in a trendy pastel pink shade that goes perfecly well with all the new flowering buds and sprouts – and Easter egg hunts! Adding a wide-brim hat and a basket bag may be too much for some people but for me a holiday like Easter is a wonderful time to experiment with exciting pieces you might not normally wear!

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Festival Queen


If the Easter celebrations are less formal and not a family gathering, there is nothing more suitable for this early spring days than a bohemian attire - anything from Lana Del Rey to Coachella you could think of. I always combine my favourite denim shorts with a flower crown. The pastel pink hues are those little details that make this outfit perfect for a Easter feast with your friends.

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What are your plans for Easter and what are you going to wear?


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