September 11, 2020

Trend Guide: The Puff-Sleeve Dress

Summer is coming to an end. It seemed to have gone in a blink of an eye but I am determined to not let the rest of the season slip away. I want to do my best to savor the moments before we switch gears and get ready for fall. 
Summer 2020 was definitely all about vintage trends such as rufflespuff sleeves and laceTops and dresses with romantic details and puff sleeves (the more voluminous, the better) are one of the top items of summer 2020 so far. I love how feminine but powerful these textured sleeve tops are and it is a trend that I foresee drifting into autumn too. 
Also, the end of summer is often a perfect time to find dresses at lower prices, as many retailers turn their attention toward pieces for colder temperatures. And since there are still plenty of dress-wearing weeks ahead see below for some of my favorite puff-sleeved pieces.

I couldn’t resist this pink puff-sleeve H&M dress as it meets all of my current must-haves: breathable enough to beat the heat, easy to style, comfortable, and true to my personal style, which at the moment is quite influenced by the Parisians' way of life, culture and aesthetics. All those square necklines, puffed shoulders and ruffles combined with a boater hat and the trademark of the Parisian woman - a wicker tote or basket filled with flowers and even a baguette and a bottle of wine for a picnic near the Seine, are making it so easy to achieve the romantic Parisian look of your dreams without too much effort. There is something so romantic and chic in that old time elegance from time’s past that has slowly been forgotten over the years.

So, while the days are still long and the weather is still warm embrace your inner Parisienne and wear that dress that makes you feel like a star of an old French movie and have a picnic if you like.. Life is too short for boring clothes anyway!

 ~ Shop the look ~

Hat - H&M / Dress- H&M / Bag - Zara / Sandals - Deichmann / Jewellery - PANDORA
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