August 20, 2018

Flower Child

If I say that I like Lana Del Rey, it would be an understatement.. I'm addicted! Since her first single 'Born to Die' came out a few years ago, I became obsessed with her music, her style and her beautiful craziness. The flower crown that she wears in that exact video and in a number of magazine photoshoots is another thing I became obsessed with, and obviously I am not the only one, since after that every IT girl at the Coachella festival was wearing a similar one.
I, personally, won't feel comfortable wearing one on a daily basis, but as you know, when I am on holiday I am eager to experiment and always wear pieces that are out of my comfort zone.

All of the pieces from today's look I bought on different outings and without putting too much thought in the process. Some were on sale, some I thought are too cute not to buy and etc. The white Converse sneakers I have for a couple of years already and I bought this little lilac backpack back in December 2017 without even knowing with what I would combine it in the end. But when I was packing my luggage for our holiday in Greece I tried all of these pieces together and suddenly felt like I have found the perfect outfit for a hot summer day at the seaside. Everything I could think about right now when I am going through all of these pictures and bearing in mind that September is just around the corner is that 'Summertime Sadness' would be a perfect soundtrack. 

P.S. See here how I styled this backpack earlier this year with a Dusty Pink Trench Coat and a captain hat, when the weather was way more cold.
Flower crown - New Yorker / T-shirt - HOUSE / Denim shorts - Pull & Bear / Sneakers - Converse / Backpack - Parfois / Jewellery - PANDORA

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