February 11, 2022

Three Romantic Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Although, I firmly believe that love should be celebrated everyday of the year, but Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite holidays because it gives you an excuse to do something special with your significant other that you otherwise would have shrugged off. So whether you have a weekend staycation planned or a small, intimate dinner, you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to dress up and wear something fitting for the occasion. Here are some sexy but chic Valentine’s Day outfits that’ll set the mood.

Baby Pink

It is proven that the colour we wear has an effect on our mood.  I absolutely love light shades of baby pink and it is even more fitting on Valentine’s Day. Not only is it feminine, but it is also such a playful, flirtatious colour. A cute baby pink dress is perfect for your dinner date! If you’re not into the baby vibes, a blush pink shade looks way more grown up – or you can just go for some fluorescent accents to really stand out!

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Classic Little Black Dress

Of course, nothing beats the cure-all outfit for any occasion – the Little Black Dress. A classy little black dress will never go out of fashion so if you are in need of a new one, you know you can always wear it again in the future. Your biggest problem is just deciding which style to go for! Anything from trendy cutouts to minimal silhouettes is fair play on Valentine’s Day. But always stay true to your personal style, that's how you will feel most confident!

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Romantic Red

Of course, there is nothing that oozes romance more than the colour red. This Valentine’s Day classic coloration is meant to represent all things love and passion. If you are looking to evoke similar vibes then I highly recommend shopping for red dresses for February 14th. Even if you and your lover decide to spend Valentine’s Day indoors with a home cooked meal (or takeout), you can always get dressed up in the comfort of your own home since it is such a special holiday. It makes your stay-at-home date night all the more special and memorable. If you are too lazy and prefer to wear a jeans and a sweatshirt, why not choose one with a big red heart on it? It's Valentine's Day after all!

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