February 27, 2022

How To Make Your Winter Outfits Pop

There are plenty of people out there who find bold colours a little intimidating to wear and trickier to style. However, throwing a little colour into the mix is a fun way to feel energized and add flair to your day to day life. If you are not quite ready to take the plunge and dress in highlighter hues, perhaps you are interested in dipping your feet in first. The key to styling a basic white or black look is to ensure it is elevated and has a certain level of interest. In fact, with the right tips and tricks, the simplest of pieces can actually come together to make an extraordinary outfit – which is why I present to you today’s blog post topic. Keep reading to learn how I elevate my neutral outfit so it is far from boring!

Pop of colour

The easiest way to add colour to your wardrobe to make your winter outfits pop is through accessories. A bright coloured outerwear piece of clothing is the perfect way to do so! Just keep the rest of the outfit simple and dark so the coat or the jacket can be the focal point of the outfit. If you are feeling up for it, you can even throw in a complimentary matching accessory – like shoes or a handbag – to further tie the look together.

Incorporate Texture

Another one of my tips to elevate a simple outfit is to find some way to introduce more surface interest. If every piece of the clothing is rather flat, there is a chance the overall effect could look lost and dare I say – boring. Adding an element of texture or 3D embellishment will instantly boost the look of the outfit! A key category that is easy to incorporate texture in is outerwear because there are so many chic options such as faux-fur, shearling and teddy
In today's look I opted for leather pants, cotton sweatshirt and wool red coat to take this cozy mountain look to the next level. 
Even if you happen to go after a fully monochromatic neutral look, the added texture helps to differentiate each piece so more of a balance is created.


A handbag is a larger accessory investment, but they’re totally worth it! A punchy, colourful handbag you can style with multiple outfits is going to be a huge game changer. A casual, everyday style shoulder bag is ideal if you want to to brighten up your daily, neutral-based wintertime looks. Or a clutch or evening bag in a pop of colour will accentuate all your formalwear and tack on a lot more style points!

Statement Boots

Last but not least, my other suggestion to effectively make your winter outfits pop is via shoes. If you are feeling adventurous, a bright pair of ankle (or maybe even knee-highbooties are zesty and daring! A neutral wardrobe really comes in handy for this investment because it makes styling them a piece of cake. Just throw on your favourite variations of black or beige and pop on your bold coloured booties to put a pep right in your step.

Coat - H&M / Sweater - H&M / Leather pants - New Yorker / Boots - Pull&Bear / Bag - H&M

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