June 25, 2021

Spring / Summer 2021 Fashion Trends I'm Obsessed With

Going into the spring/summer months feels like a giant refresh button. The gloominess of the winter is replaced with the colorful blooms and blue skies that the new season brings. The warm air makes me want to head outside every chance I get and the sunshine is like food for my soul. I’ve felt a huge new jolt of energy as we’ve shifted from winter to spring, and now that summer is here, I’m even more excited for the season. Since we’ll all be in summer clothes soon, I rounded up some of my favorite trends for spring/summer 2021 that I'm obsessed with.


There are not too many wardrobe staples that truly never go out of style. Even the most “classic” items, like a pair of dark jeans or a little black dress, vary from season to season and year to year, so it can be all too easy to put a time stamp on when you bought a specific piece. There’s nothing wrong with this – our styles are supposed to evolve and develop over time, after all, but it does make those select few items that remain constant all the more impressive. One of those pieces to me is the trench coat. While I love picking up slight variations on the traditional cut, I also quite enjoy wearing trenches in new prints, colours and textures. My recent favourites are trench coats in pastel hues

Pastel Blue

Pastels naturally lend itself to the spring season. Тhese lighter, more toned down versions of colours are easier on the eyes and can effortlessly be infused into an everyday look. I’m not your usual pastels for spring type of girl, but I’ve been wearing more pastel blue as of late. There’s so much inspiration found in the soft blue shades of summer – a solid blue sky, calm ocean waters, a crystal clear mountain lake, or a sparkling swimming pool. Not too bold, but always inspiring, blue hues are the cool choice for the perfect pop of color to compliment your summer style. 

Acetate Sunglasses 

The days are getting longer and the sun is getting brighter. Sunglass season is upon us and I could not be more thrilled as they continue to be one of my favourite ways to accessorize an outfit. Sunnies are a definite must for me and they can elevate your look in an instant by making you appear more daring, mysterious, and polished.  

Like a hat, sunglasses might even be considered more of a summertime necessity than a fleeting trend. However, 2021 is all about the acetate sunglasses or frames that are made of strong, nylon-based plastic. Large and in charge eyewear has been seen a lot these days and acetate framed sunglasses in black, clear, and tortoise shell add so much style to your everyday look. A colourful cat-eye is my absolute favourite, and this bold style required an equally as fabulous chain. 

Eyewear chains

Eyewear chains have officially gotten the high-fashion seal of approval. This trend is not exclusive to your grandma anymore. This season, the retro style got the chic revival it deserved, and eyewear chains have officially evolved from strictly functional to full-blown fashionable. Designers have revamped the accessory using metal, chains, pearls, and beads to bring your look up a notch. Maybe your favorite pair of black sunglasses feel a bit boring? Add a gold chain to spice things up. Tired of using your regular glasses? Eyewear chains will save you. 


In 1925, Coco Chanel transformed her brand by doing something that was, at the time, revolutionary - she put her name directly onto her clothes. With two interlocking “Cs” the iconic designer created a lasting insignia that is still recognizable worldwide today. Much like Claude Monet’s name scrawled on the corner of his famous Water Lilies, something about Chanel’s newfound logo crafted from her very own initials imbued a particular kind of magic into her designer garments. Since then, the fashion logo has acted as a symbol of status and belonging for generations of consumers. With the logo came logomania - a trend whereby obvious branding is strewn all over one’s clothes. Rather than a brand name hidden away in a shirt on a tag, a fashion house’s logo was now worn to be seen. Just like all fashion trends, however, the logo goes in and out of style over time. In the recent years, we are seeing a huge comeback of this controversial trend - you simply love it or hate it. I, personally, consider myself to be on the LOVE side, obviously.. 

What do you think of these trends? Which one is your favourite?


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Sunglasses and chain - Stradivarius / Trench coat - Stradivarius / Bag - Karl Lagerfeld / Jeans - Cropp Town / Boots - Deichmann / Jewellery - PANDORA
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