June 14, 2021

4 Wardrobe Must-Haves I Can't Get Enough Of This Spring

Even though summer approaches, there’s still a definite chill in the air , especially in the mornings. The sun is shining brightly outside from time to time, but the weather hasn’t been very accommodating recently, with this past week being especially cold and rainy. Something not so common for the month of June. So, I’ve been switching between wearing soft pastel sweaters that feel like early spring, and bright, bold colors to cheer-up a cold and dreary day.
So, if you are looking to add a similar pep to your step despite the bad weather we are currently having with some new style inspiration, here are 4 of my must-haves to try out this unusually cold and rainy spring.

Cropped Cardigans 

Cardigans have been on fire lately with no signs of slowing down, even as we make our way into spring and summer. They are the perfect layering device for this time of year but can also be worn on their own. I have been loving lavender but there are a plethora of other pastels and shades to choose from.  Additionally, this is one of those versatile items that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. These pieces are extra special and need no complicated styling – just a relaxed-fit jean, or a patterned midi skirt in complimenting colors. Also, if you are obsessed with that légère French girl vibe like me, simply add a barret and some sort of a straw bag and you are good to go.


Pastels and spring time go hand-in-hand thanks to the fresh blooms and warm sunshine. This year, there is a large focus on a particular pastel shade – lavender. I absolutely adore this soft, demure purple color since you can incorporate it into your everyday looks. Whether you are keen on wearing lavender from head-to-toe or just wanting a hint of that pop piece of purple to mix and match with items in your closet, I think we all can agree that lavender should be on our radar.  I’ve already had my start on it last fall with this lavender cardigan from Zara that I can't seem to get enough of.

Statement Collar

A beautiful collar is a flattering detail that can really make a statement. I’ve been drawn to oversized collars this past year to soften lines and add a feminine touch.This poplin collared top from H&M adds a vintage and one-of-a-kind feel to the soft cropped cardigan. It could be layerd as in this case or worn on its own and it still would look amazing. I also bought a couple of sweatshirts, knits and dresses with statement collars - that's how obsessed I am with them!

White Sneakers

Sneakers are by far one of my favorite shoes for year-round wear. They are not only the most comfortable, but also give any outfit a relaxed, laid-back style. 

From putting a casual spin on a favorite dress to creating a classic look with denim, I’ve been opting for cute sneakers more than ever lately. I switch between my beloved Converse sneakers, which have been a staple in my wardrobe since I was a teenager and my white oversized chunky ones from Bershka that I became obsessed with a couple of years ago.


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P.S. Recently, I added a new pair of sneakers to my collection. Can you guess from which brand? 

*Hint - I already have two other accessory pieces from the same brand that I shared with you in the recent months.

Cardigan - Zara / T-shirt - H&M / Jeans - Cropp Town / Sneakers - Bershka / Jewellery - PANDORA

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