November 25, 2020

6 Easy-To-Recreate Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas


The holidays are truly the best time of the year! Everyone is in good spirits and there are so many excuses to get together and see your closest friends and relatives. With November coming to an end, Thanksgiving is now officially around the corner. And even though Thanksgiving is all about great food, great company, and being grateful for life’s wonderful blessings, that doesn’t mean fashion is to be ignored. So, I wanted to put together and share six cute Thanksgiving outfits that you can recreate no matter how you’ll be celebrating. Scroll ahead for chic and easy looks for the holidays.

Native American

What is more appropriate for Thanksgiving Day than something Native American. I opted for a chunky scarf over a comfortable combo of jeans and a sweater in perfect for the season caramel hue. Also, added a pair of Chelsea boots and a hat for elevating this comfy look just a little bit.

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Elegant Vintage-Inspired Dress

When in doubt, always opt for an elegant dress. Especially if the celebrations are going to be on the formal side, you could never go wrong with a beautiful vintage-inspired dress. And as you know me well, I surely would add a hat to the mix. It is a holiday celebration after all.

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Autumnal Palette

It’s super easy to cave into autumnal hues once Thanksgiving hits. You can expect to see tons of brown, cream, burnt orange, and mustard yellow. I combined those caramel brown colour Chelsea boots, hat and sweater with a houndstooth printed coat in the same colour palette to make a comfortable yet stylish outfit perfect for a dinner with the family.

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Monochromatic Beige Outfit

Going fully monochrome is always a good idea. While you can always opt for black for a slimming effect, nothing is chicer than beige, camel, and off-white tones. To make the outfit that little bit extra, I added camouflage skinny jeans to the mix and voila!, you are ready.

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Plaid shirt and a hoodie vest

There’s no better time for plaid than now. So, twist things up by wearing a vibrant plaid shirt under your comfiest hoodie vest. Of course, since it's still too early for Christmas, dress it down with simple pair of your favourite jeans, wool socks and combat boots of your choice.

Classic Blazer

If you want to keep it classy, you can always go for a black blazer. But since it's not a day in the office kinda celebration, add a printed pair of pants to the mix. Striped skinny jeans are still on the elegant side, while at the same time add that something extra to turn an everyday office attire into a perfect holiday outfit. The heels are optional..


What are your plans for Thanksgiving Day and what are you going to wear?

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