October 19, 2020

What's Inside My Bag


Have you ever been curious about what someone carries in their handbag? I find it so funny that we're all pretty interested in taking peeks inside people's lives.
When I started thinking of making this kind of blogpost, I wondered which bag in particular to use for it since I'm switching between my bags on a daily basis. On most working days I'm carring with me some sort of a backpack because I need more things when at work or out and about doing everyday errands. But on weekend days and when going out I'm opting for more structured bags. One of my favourite bags is this striped Zara bag. When I bought it a few years ago I  could hardly have guessed that it would be so versatile and functional. The black and white print goes well with a lot of looks and I always get a lot of compliments when I wear it.

                                                     Now for what I carry inside…


We all have one of these in our purses, don’t we? You could read more about mine in this post, where I'm sharing how I decided to invest more money in a designer piece. Eventually, it turns out that it goes perfectly with my Zara bag due to the black and white colour palette which happened to be the perfect coincidence.


Obviously! I have been with my 5S for a couple of years, but still could not decide to upgrade it since I'm so pleased with its design and the moderate size.


Not always with me but when I'm travelling and I would need a computer but don't want to bring with me the laptop. This iPad is small and lightweight, perfect for carrying it with me when necessary.


Since I'm wearing make-up on a daily basis I always have in me some make-up products to make touch-ups when on the go. One of my most used products are mascaras (obsessed with the BADgal BANG by Benefit) and lip balms ( current favourites are these Panda and Cat ones from 183 days by Trend It Up).


You can always find a pair of sunglasses in my bag!  My all time favourites are cat-eye frames in all variations.


You can always find my keys with me. I love this Ancor keychain I bought a few years ago from H&M that reminds me of the sea every time I use my keys.


That’s it, loves! Let me know if you have a question or if you carry something essential in your handbag that I need to know about!! 

Bag - Zara / Wallet - Karl Lagerfeld / Keychain - H&M / Mascara - Benefit / Lipbalms - 183 day by Trend It Up 

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