July 19, 2020

First Designer Purchase / Karl Lagerfeld

This year I would become 30 year old.. With that in mind, I decided that it was about time to buy myself something designer to mark that special event in my life. To this point I have never ever purchased anything designer with the exception of my Pandora jewellery collection.
The thing I wanted the most was a designer handbag.. One bag in classic shape and in black colour maybe, so I could be able to wear it with most of the clothes in my wardrobe. And while I'm still browsing for that perfect luxury bag to indulge myself in October when my birthday actually is, I decided to look for a new wallet since that was what I really needed at the moment. 
In the last couple of years I have bought several wallets but usually after few months they begun to wear out, including some not so cheap ones.. Also, I have pretty specific idea of what the perfect wallet looks like for me. 
For some time I have had my eye on the personal brand of Karl Lagerfeld. Even though the work he did for Chanel was one of a kind, I simply could not afford any Chanel products at the moment, but the items he created for the Karl brand were something quite different and way more affordable. I am eyeing a couple more items by the brand but since I was in the search of a new wallet that was the category I was browsing the most. In the end, I did it, I bought my first ever designer wallet by Karl Lagerfeld. The intricate pattern and detail instantly grabbed my attention, but the most important thing was that this wallet has everything I wished for in an item like that. It's like dream come true!

My tips for if you’re thinking of investing in a new wallet, handbag, jacket or even in a pair of designer shoes, as these are the main types of clothing I would buy from premium brands, would be the following:

1. Decide on the type of leather or material you want. Textured leathers are far more durable and will not scratch and mark in the same way as a smooth or patent leather product. Does the product you like come in another texture or type of leather?

2. Go through your wardrobe and decide how many outfits the potential purchase will go with? If it won’t go with many pieces you own, perhaps you could opt for a more subtle colourway? If you could wear it with five outfits or more, then you might be onto a winner. 

(In my case, I was quite desperated to find a wallet in this exact size, since it can fit in all of my handbags. In the past, when I used a regular size wallet I often struggled with that since my wallet couldn't fit in some smaller bags of mine. Another thing I really needed was a separate coin compartment that is on the back on the wallet and not inside of it.)

3. Do you have any items like it? If the answer is yes, do you really need it? If not, and you can imagine it will fill a gap in your wardrobe, then perfect! 

4. Look around online for the best prices, as some places may be a tiny bit cheaper. I bought my from FashionDays, but there are plenty more retailers offering Karl Lagerfeld product both in Bulgaria and worldwide.

Sunglasses - Stradivarius / Shirt - H&M / Jeans - Cropp Town / Jewellery - PANDORA / Wallet - Karl Lagerfeld

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