March 9, 2022

What To Wear For In Between Seasons

We are officially in the transitional phase where winter meets early spring. That awkward in between moment where it is still relatively warm out from time to time but we still have days popping up that feel closer to winter than spring. This time of year can be sort of awkward for dressing too since we want to wear all the warm weather things, but mother nature has other plans for us. In these couple of weeks until spring is upon us, there is nothing as cozy as staying indoors, curled up in an oversized throw as you sit fireside and snow is slowly drifting down outside of your window. Relaxing winter days are just what the doctor ordered. Of course, one will need the proper attire if staying at home is not an option and that is where this post comes into play. Cozy clothes are the name of the game. I compiled a list of everything you might need to invest in and wear those in-between months.

Oversized Sweaters

One of my most worn items in the winter to spring months are my oversized sweaters. They’re great for layering under a coat or a jacket when it’s really cold out, but also make for great staple on their own when it starts to warm up a little bit. Be on the lookout for extra soft knit fabrications like cashmere, acrylic and chenille.

Vintage Straight Jeans

I reach for denim year-round, especially during the transitional months. There aren’t many items that work perfectly for any type of weather and time of year, but jeans are certainly one of them. Full-length straight-legged jeans offer a classic, vintage style to pair with a variety of tops and sweaters from one season to the next.

Trendy Hat

However, no look is officially complete without the addition of the right accessories. Jewellery and handbags are no brainers but one accessory everyone tends to overlook are hats!
This past year, bucket hats were definitely a staple accessory - a trend that has resurfaced from the late 90’s and is now a ubiquitous item popping up all over the fashion world. It is still building momentum so it is something we will definitely be seeing in the upcoming weeks. 
Similarly, simple baseball caps will be perfect additions to your early spring looks. But if you don't follow trends, go with what your gut is telling you - choose a romantic beret or a vintage casket, everything that makes you feel most comfortable and true to your personal style.

Warm Boots

If there’s one boot style that I recommend for in between seasons, it’s the lug sole boot. It definitely adds a toughness to your look but in a really modern way. Plus, they’re extremely practical in the cooler months when you’re treading throw snow, rain, or ice.

Cotton Undergarments

When you want to be at your most comfortable, it is important to work from the ground up. It should always start with your undergarments. The last thing you want to resort to is wearing an itchy or restricting set of lingerie underneath your cozy oversized sweater. Personally, you really cannot get more soft and barely-there than anything made of cotton. I tend to love minimal bra tops and briefs for ease of layering. Trust me – once you go cotton, you may never look back!
Sherpa Accessories
Lastly, I have to mention sherpa accessories! We saw this trend really take form last year but they are back and are the ideal accessories to give your clothes that cozy aesthetic. Whether it be sherpa handbags or shoes, the fuzzy texture adds dimension to your outfit as well.

Hat - H&M / Sweater - H&M / Jeans - Cropp Town / Bag - New Yorker / Boots - Deichmann

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