December 24, 2021

All The Holiday Party Make Up Looks To Try This Christmas


Along with ensuring your outfit is on point for all of your holiday festivities, you want to perfect the ultimate party makeup look. After all, you know there will be plenty of photos snapped, so going the extra mile to ensure you are photo-ready is a necessity! Plus, this is the best time to think outside the box and experiment with something that is a little different from your typical everyday makeup routine. Below are some fun holiday party makeup looks you should try out for your next event!

Glittery Eyes

Sequins and sparkles are not just for clothing! Add some metallic sheen with a glittery eyeshadow or eyeliner. This is a great way to add dimension and glow to your face. Too Faced makes the best Christmas eyeshadow palettes with matte, shimmery, and glittery tones, but Essence offers also great ones if you’re on a budget. Personally, I am a huge fan of gold because it warms up my skin tone while also providing a lovely radiance that is optimal for photos. Quick beauty tip: Glittery eyeshadows are more prone to fall out, so be sure to use a primer before applying the sparkles (Again, I'm using an one from Essence and am more than satisfied with it)!

Emerald Smokey Eye

Speaking of updating a timeless beauty look, you can go for a sultry smokey eye but with an emerald twist. Too Faced holiday palettes usually have at least one really beautiful pigmented shades of dark green, which you can use to smoke out your upper and lower eyelid. Contour with matte brown and use a darker shade to add dimension to your outer corners. This emerald smokey eye will really accentuate your natural eye color too! 

Bold Lip

There is nothing like being the life of a party more than with a bold lip. Just like a statement accessory, a bright color painted on the lips adds a nice pop of color to any party look. If you are debating which shade to go for, a classic red is always a killer choice, especially during the holidays. 

Dramatic Wing 

I love a good winged eye look any day of the year and this same look is easy to accentuate for special occasions, such as a big holiday party! If you are already used to winging out your eyeliner, this look should be rather simple for you. You simply just emphasis the outline so it creates a really nice defined swoop – or opt for a thicker wing! 

Lashes for Days

If you need to get ready in a pinch, perhaps one of the easiest holiday party makeup looks to pull off is a voluminous lashes! If you get lash extensions, then you’re probably already good to go in this department. False lashes are also generally inexpensive so you don’t have to spend a ton!

Natural Glow

If you really are not feeling dark beauty looks, you can always opt for the “no-makeup-makeup-look”. This is all about enhancing your natural features. To perfect this beauty style, it is crucial to start with a strong base. This includes everything from skincare to your face primer. My absolute favourite foundation is by Kryolan, there Camouphlage palette is to die for! You can then complete your natural glow look by layering on a highlighter! This budget friendly option by Essence has everything you will ever need in that category! Don't forget to accentuate the cheekbones with a touch of bronzer and you are good to go!

Have a happy holidays!

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