August 11, 2018

Black and Fringes in the Summer

Even though I'm an addict when it comes to black clothing especially in the autumn/winter time, as soon as it gets warm enough to store my jackets away I immediately begin craving more colourful pieces. Summer is usually the season when it is pretty rare to find me in head to toe all black but every so often I find a few pieces that draw me back to the simplicity of the classic combination. It’s the little details, like a small bow, a ruffle or a pearl button that bring personality to something simple and make me love it. Also, when I'm in a hurry in the morning or I'm getting late (it happens more often than I would admit), I always end up grabbing something black last minute or when I don’t know what to wear black is a chic option that would suit every occasion.

In today's post I kept my look pretty simple with black sunnies, black bohemian bag with fringes and colourful sandals since we were on vacation in Greece and I just wanted to wear something comfortable but still stylish for wandering around our favorite town Kavala and sightseeing. While I still consider this to be vacation appropriate outfit I would recreate this same outfit for another occasion anytime this summer even in a city environment since it's quite flattering and laid back.

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