March 6, 2018

Winter Wonderland

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I went to Berkovitsa for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of Sofia. And even though the forecast said that it was about to snow this weekend, that little fact didn't stop us from our initial plan. We knew it would be cold, but we weren’t expecting the winter wonderland that we woke up to on Sunday morning! It had started snowing the night before, continuing for the next day, creating a white blanket of perfectly fresh snow. We spent most of our trip in a constant rotation of walking out in the snow and defrosting inside with hot drinks and lots of blankets. Everything was just so calm and bright and we felt like we were living in a real life snow globe - from the frosted trees to the glittering snow. We really had the most magical time even for a day, since we didn't have much snow this winter.

Also, I really love winter dressing. Being able to add layers allows me to get more creative with colors and patterns rather than just wearing a simple dress in the summer. You don’t have to have a ridiculous amount of items to do it well, either. If you’re smart about the items you buy, making sure they mix and match with pieces you already have, the whole process becomes much easier! As you know one of my all time favorite clothing pieces are the military inspired ones. So, on that trip I combined my beloved captain hat, that I have been wearing almost on a daily basis, with my military coat from Zara - a great staple in my opinion that makes even the most boring black look extra special! I switched out my combat boots for my riding boots of course and added my classic quilted chain Mango bag to finish off the outfit.

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