February 23, 2018


I have been on a bit of a skincare kick lately. With winter in full swing my health can get a little out of whack, with colder weather and Holiday season not so long ago I fall behind on eating healthy, also my workout schedule is not what I would like it to be, so, it is no surprise that my skin was starting to feel the consequences in the last few weeks. And even though I'm working as a full-time pharmacist, I always make sure to pamper my skin and take good care of it since my teenage years. I have had very bad acne-prone skin in the past, and nothing has helped me till I started using consistently the right products for my skin problems (see my previous posts on the theme here and here). In the last couple of months I have tried a bunch of different products, including one brand in particular that I had been dying to try. I had heard great things about the swiss skincare brand Skincode but never tested them. So, I picked up some of their top sellers and put them to the test.

And since my skin has always been oily and acne-prone I got the three products from the brand's  S.O.S. Oil Control series.

No matter what my day was like, I always wash my face at night. This is the first and one of the most important steps of every skincare routine. And even though I still love and use other washing gels, the S.O.S. Oil Control Clarifying Wash has become a new favorite of mine. This
gentle cleanser reduces breakouts and promotes clear, healthy skin. By producing a rich lather, it works to effectively remove pore-clogging grime and irritants to leave the skin soft, clear and comfortable.

After the cleansing and clarifying wash, I'm applying the S.O.S. Oil Control Balancing Serum. This ultra-light balancing serum is a multi-tasking treatment designed to calm and balance the skin. It works with the skin to regulate oil production, reduce the appearance of pores and control shine. The result is a perfectly balanced, clear, calm complexion. For optimal results, apply it to the face and the neck area, massage it in with a gentle, upward circular motion until completely absorbed twice a day - as a base for your founation in the morning and after washing your face in the evening. Of course, avoid contact with the delicate eye area.

The final step of my current skincare routine is the S.O.S. Oil Control Mattifying Lotion. The mattifying lotion is a very light and hardworking daily moisturizer that helps regulate oil production and reduces breakouts to promote a clear and healthy skin with a matte, shine-free finish. The result is the removal of excess oil for a calmer, shine-free complexion. After applying the balancing serum, massage the lotion in with small upwards circles over the face and the neck area. Again avoid contact with the delicate eye area.

Unlike other beauty products, this series started working for me almost instantly. My skin is feeling more radiant than ever which is one of the reasons why I feel more confident, since my skin condition has not always been what it is today. Of course, there are always good and bad skin days (as with the hair), but I honestly can't think of the last time my skin has not only looked this good, but also felt this good. It's matte, silky-smooth and happy - just the way I like it!
 Satin kimono - H&M / Bed and bedding - IKEA / Jewellery - PANDORA
P.S. Skincode is a leader in the Swiss dermatological research.Their team has partnered with globally recognized Swiss dermatologists, ingredient experts and laboratories to implement the latest in science and dermatological research. All of these products contain no colors, fragrances, preservatives or animal derivates.
P.P.S. You can find their products in the better pharmacies, so why don't give them a try and share with me your thoughts afterwards?

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