March 23, 2018

Band t-shirts' Girl

I have always been a band t-shirts' girl! Since my teenage years when the walls of my room were covered with band posters till today, when I work as a pharmacist. Nothing makes difference more than a Rolling Stones t-shirt, for example, showing from under my white coat when I'm at work. And even though some people would argue with me that this is not a suitable dressing for my kind of work place, I still stand behind my oppinion that this only shows that I'm a professional with quite a personality and there is nothing wrong in that. At the end of the day I have a life outside of my work, haven't I?

Even though the main clothing piece in today's look is the Rolling Stones t-shirt, I still wanted to add some more accessories to make the oufit pop even more. I added my beloved combat boots, that I am obsessed with as you already know from this post, my captain hat from H&M, that I can't live without as it turned out, and my new striped bag from Zara, which interestingly goes amaizing with a summer dress as well as with more rock'n'roll outfit, which is something I am definitely taking advantage of.

What do you think? Are you a band t-shirts lover like me or not?

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