October 11, 2016

Off The Shoulders

 The last time I have spoken to you I was telling you about my obsession with off-the-shoulder tops. So, here it is another one of my ever growing collection, which this time I styled more feminine and ladylike. I have this skirt for more than a year already and that was the first time that I actually wore it. Not because I didn't like it but mainly because I had this idea in my head of how I wanted to style it and there was not a single shirt or a top in my wardrobe to fulfill that idea. So, basically this skirt was waiting quiеtly in the dark to the moment I bought this fabulous top from H&M loves Coachella line a couple of months ago.  

The backdrop of these pictures is of course my beloved Kavala, which my boyfriend and I visited the second year in a row.. What can I say, we just fell in love with the place so, so much last year and simply couldn't wait to go back. You know, there are places, which you have never visited before, but once you do, you feel like home. Yep, that's the case in here. Two crazy in love with Kavala people..

But let's get back to the look.. No outfit is complete without some accessories, which in this case are some colourful bracelets since I wanted to keep things simpler. Half of these bracelets are handmade by me or by my girlfriends, the other half are souvenirs from different places I have visited before. And simply like that I always wear dear friends and happy memories with me, no matter where I am at the moment. Cheesy, I know..


And even though the leaves have changed already and the cold weather is slowly approaching, I still have some summery looks to show you, so stay tuned.

Off-the-shoulder top - H&M loves Coachella /  Skirt - H&M / Sandals - Paolo Botticelli

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