October 28, 2016

Free bird

When it comes to summer clothes I'm all into bohemian this year.. There is nothing more attracting to me than off-the-shoulder tops and free-spirited silhouettes. I can't exactly say when this boho obsession began, but I still remember the day I found this perfect set on the H&M site back in February. It was freezing outside and not even close to summer but I immediately ordered it and started dreaming of summer destionations. And even though I'm already excited for Christmas (too early?!), I still feel nostalgic for the warm summer evenings we had in Greece just a couple of weeks ago.

This outfit is not everyone's cup of tea, especially at this part of the globe that I call home, but Greece as always feels like the perfect place to wear and be whatever the hell you want. So, in this particular day, I was a free bird..

This exact evening accidentally happened to be the most gorgeous one from the entire trip with beautiful colours in the sky and slightly wild and roaring sea. The waves were crashing in the nearby rocks, there was no one else around than the two of us, the whole atmosphere was simply magical..


We stayed at this secluded beach till dusk when the first sights of the night started slowly to show and headed to dinner hand in hand with sparkling eyes and happy souls. There is nothing better for the soul than the sea.. I hope to live by it some day..

Top and shorts - H&M / Sandals - Paollo Botticelli
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