October 9, 2015

Greek style

It's been a month since my trip to Greece, but just now I found time to go through all of the pictures. As you may already know, I'm very much in love with Greece, so you can imagine how happy I was these 7 days and the amount of pictures that I actually took there. So, be prepared, there's a lot more to come..  

In today's post I'm showing you my basic Greek outfit, which ironically is from brand, who has nothing to do with Greece in general. Both, the shirt and the skirt, are from Springfield - a brand that surely became my favourite in the last months with its bohemian, gypsy designs and free-spirited silhouettes.  

As always, Greece takes my breath away. During August, a.k.a. in the last minute, my boyfriend and I booked  this trip to Kavala and even though at first I was slightly disappointed with the destination, it actually turned out to be one of our best vacations so far. The hotel was fine, the city was great with a lot of sightseeing to do, a lot of hidden beaches and romantic spots to discover.
 I know that a piece of my heart always stays in this country as every time I come back it fills me up with an intense feeling of joy and happiness.

Sunglasses - Mango / Shirt - Springfield / Skirt - Springfield / Bracelets - Pull&Bear / Sandals - H&M
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