October 23, 2015

Beach life

On the same day in which we arrived at Kavala we saw that at the back of our hotel there is a small secluded beach. It looked a bit neglected and as if no one visits it. At first we didn't pay that much attention to it, but after spending a couple of days at the hotel's beach, we felt that something wasn't right. Yes, we had sunbeds and soft turquoise towels, but we realised that that was not the holiday we have had imagined. So, with that in mind, at the next day we decided to check out the small hidden beach, which we saw on our arrival. Even though we had seen some people there from time to time, we managed to arrive early enough to reserve it for ourselfs. I am a bit ashamed to admit it but I even made a little happy dance..

There was nothing more to do but take our seats under the one of the two thatched umbrellas there and get into business.

.. yeah, you got me right - business!

As you can see I've done a lot of work down there and at a couple of other places too.. 
Unfortunately, this turned out to be the worst Greek beer ever (also one of the cheapest), but you got the main point, right?

 And while my boyfriend was more excited about swimming without screaming children and other people in the area, I was laying around in the soft sunlight..

..and enjoying the mesmerizing endless blues of the sea..

Now, that's the holiday I had in mind..

The crucial thing you should remember when you are spending the whole day in the sun is to always stay hydrated..

 ..one way or another!

Sunglasses - H&M / Jumpsuit - H&M / Bathing suit - H&M / Headpiece - vintage
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