June 7, 2017

Everything fringe

May was cold. Not freezing, but pretty close. When it’s that cold and you’re spend a majority of the weekend outside like my boyfriend and I did (not to mention the terrible cold that I recenly caught), the most important thing is being both warm and comfortable, so I layered up some of my coziest pieces including this lightweight black cardigan and these very cool fringe boots from H&M, which I have in black and in camel color too. That's how much I love them.

In addition to the fringes, to make this otherwise monochrome outfit pop a little bit, I added my beloved Pandora jewellery. To be completely honest I never leave the house without my "lucky" bracelet and the stack of rings I wear on my ring finger no matter what I am wearing that day. They are the perfect amount of dainty and feminine, allowing to stack on each wrist without looking overdone. The beautiful sterling silver pieces immediately lit up the moment we stepped outside and reached the sun. I think that they are striking inside, but it’s not until you see them during the day light that their beauty really comes to life! They perfectly complimented my all black outfit, adding just the right amount of glamour and femininity. I’ve always been a jewellery girl and these pieces definitely confirm my love for beautiful, dainty sparkling jewels. For more beautiful Pandora jewellery head on over their website to check out their amazing collections.

Cardigan - H&M / Shirt - H&M / Jeans - Tally Weijl / Boots - H&M / Bag - Stradivarius / Jewellery - Pandora

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