December 15, 2016

Christmas Gift Guide for Him

Most of the time the main focus on this blog is women’s fashion and beauty, but there are those few times per year when we pay extra attention to finding the perfect gift for the men in our lives. What better time to show our love and affection to them than Christmas. 
In reality, however, it is very, very hard to shop for men, mostly because they tend to not talk about what they want, or share with their friends what they wish they were getting.
So, what is more classic than gifting to your other half a signature bottle of perfume. A scent that you know he will absolutely love and would make him think of you every time he puts it on. It’s little luxuries like this that would make him feel extra special. 
This year I chose the Christian Lacroix Bijou with its refined contrast of fresh ginger root and cardamom wrapped in rich cashmere woods. Pure perfection in a bottle.
What are you gifting your special someone this Christmas? 

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