July 7, 2016

Into the Wild

One of the greatest things about my hometown is that it's actually right beside the mountains. It literally takes less than ten minutes and you are far from the city noise deep into the calmness of the nature. It can't ever become boring to me or to my boyfriend since we both love the mountains,and besides, there is something so fun about doing more touristy things in your own town. So, on a free weekend last September (You read it correctly.. last September! I just don't know how I managed to forget about these pictures..) my boyfriend and I grabbed some friends (and some food, of course) and jumped into the car to spend a laid back afternoon in the nature. We chose a place, which is known not only for its historical significance, but also with its breathtaking views of the town and the valley below. The landscapes are so strikingly gorgeous, that you simply can't believe they are real.

It was still pretty warm but in the mountains you should always be dressed well and comfortable. There is no surprise that I opted for a simple cotton plaid shirt since I really love plaid shirts a lot and have always thought that they are the most suitable clothing piece for outdoor activities. I added a pair of jeans and my beloved Converse sneakers and we were good to go.

Of course, our bags were filled with yummy things to grill on the fire later - sausages and ribs for the boys, as well as some lean meat and veggies for the girls. The rest of the evening we spent eating by the fire, sipping tea from our mugs, while listening the crackling fire and watching the night sky above.  

Simply going through these pictures makes me missing the mountain like crazy! I can't wait to go back there some time soon. There is definitely something magical in nature!

Plaid shirt - H&M / Jeans - Stradivarius / Sneakers - Converse
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