18 декември 2013 г.

Sweet Child O'Mine

♫♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ Guns'n'Roses - Sweet Child O'Mine ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫

These have been some really hectic couple of weeks for me.. As you may know, I'm a Pharmacy student and since this is my last semester,  there was a significant amount of tasks.. Today was my last day at the University, and I couldn't be more happy. I know that for a lot of people the college years are their most exciting ones, but obviously this is not the case for me.. I guess I'm just not that kind of a person.. Of course, the exams are still ahead of me, and they are going to be tough ones.. but let's not think about them so soon, I mean, c'mon, it's almost Christmas and there are so many other things to enjoy in the next weeks.. like buying perfect presents for our beloved ones, enjoying a cup of hot tea or chocolate, catching up with friends we haven't seen in a while, spending some quality time with your family and so on..
Of course, I want to clarify that today is like -6 degress outside and I was wearing five layers of clothes.. Don't be fooled by these pictures, they were taken a week and something ago, while this kind of outwear was still suitable (for crazy people like me..).. It's something I wanted to try for a while as it really represents my style. What do you think about it? Are there any music fans?
Glasses - H&M / T-shirt - Fishbone / Jacket - Pimkie / Shirt - H&M / Jeans - H&M / Ankle boots - Zara / Bracelets - Cropp town, House / Rings - H&M


10 коментара

  1. Радвам се да те видя отново, харесва ми аутфитът ти както винаги!:)

  2. Wow! Love your sunglasses and the all look!

  3. Great outfit !
    Love your sunglasses ! xoxo


  4. Such a cool look!Love it!

  5. The color combo is perfect!! Fab design!!


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