June 10, 2013

This hat ..

Since I saw Miroslava Duma, wearing a similar hat on PFW, it became number 1 in my wishlist.. And I guess that I'm not the only one.. It can be a perfect addition to every outfit.
But it turned out to be quite a difficult task, especially when you live in Bulgaria..
So, thank God, that H&M already have stores here too! They can make every girl dream come true! Yes, this hat is from H&M, can you believe that? 
To be honest, I'm tired of seeing looks with the big hat from The new icons collection all over the internet..What are you thinking about that?
In these pictures I'm wearing very casual look, but can't wait to experiment more and try new looks with this hat in the next weeks. Unfortunately, I'm in exam period right now, so this is not going to happen this month. Anyway, I have to go back to studying.. Wish me luck!

P.S. If you can't remember Mira Duma's looks, here you can see my favourite outfits - Look 1, Look 2 and Look3.

P.S.S. Also I wanted to share with you that there is a new section on the blog, called BOUTIQUE, where you can find products that I chose specially for you. And I will change them periodically. I can't wait to see your thoughts about it?
 Hat - H&M / Shirt - Tally Weijl / Jeans - H&M / Bracelets- Terranova / Ankle boots - local shop
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