October 17, 2022

My Signature Autumn Lipstick And Lipliner Combo

 With the start of a new season, it’s time to swap out our summer lipstick shades to more nude and berry tones. My signature autumn lip combo that I wear pretty much daily this time of year is Subculture Lip Liner and Half 'n Half Lipstick by M.A.C. 
However, this season brings so many vibrant redspinks and oranges that I’ve found myself adding a bold lip colour to many of my looks.

When I was young, lip liner seemed to me as one of those beauty products that only my groundmother would love and that I'll never actually need. I was wrong! The subtle magic of lip liner is universal, no matter if you are planning to wear lipstik or lip gloss. Nothing primes lips for a long-lasting, smooth look quite like a flattering neutral lip liner or a shade that perfectly matches your lipstick.
When shopping for a lip liner, you want a formula that won't bleed as time progresses or feather into fine lines. Also, you want one that lasts all day and isn't difficult to apply. Lastly, you'll want a generous shade range, within which you can find a versatile nude that goes with everything.


A new lip colour can refresh or add a touch of glam to any style. The beauty of wearing the right shade of lipstick is that it can enhance the rest of your makeup, leaving a finished and more polished look. Applying lip colour is simple, but here are a couple extra tricks to try as well.

Using a lip liner in a neutral tone can accentuate the curves of the mouth, or even make lips appear a bit smaller, depending on the application technique. To slightly minimize lip size, cover lips completely with a bit of skin coloured concealer. Trace just inside the actual lines of the mouth with the lip liner to create a smaller shape, and colour in with the same lip liner. Gently smudge the lines just a little to make the new shape appear natural. Finish with a favourite neutral shade of lipstick.

To enhance the shape of the mouth, trace just outside the actual lines of the mouth with a lip liner and fill-in the lines with the same lip liner. Slightly smudge the lines to create a natural look. Then add a bold colour of lipstick that compliments your skin tone. Most changes will be subtle, but effective in giving you the lips you want with just a few quick and easy steps!


Shop my favourites: 

 These nude shades are what helped me overcome my fear of using lipstick in the first place!

Other favourite of mine M.A.C. Lip Liner and Lipstick Combinations: 



 What is your favorite lip combo?

P.S. For my Bulgarian readers - I usually buy my M.A.C. lip products from Delirium Exclusive.
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