August 28, 2022

The Ultimate Packing List For A Summer Vacation

Consider this your check list for your next summer get-away.

The truth is most of us pack more than we’ll ever need for a summer holiday, completely ignoring the majority of the contents of our suitcase and simply living in the same dress all week long. Consider this a quick check list to avoid over-packing and taking pieces that you have the best intention of wearing, but never actually will. So, I’ve complied an edit of the coolest pieces a.k.a. true summer staples that will legitimately take you from city to beach, day to night and ensure that you avoid those excess luggage charges.



 Bathing Suit

When it comes to swimwear, I've always preferred one-piece silhouettes. Not only are they more comfortable to wear, but I also love their irresistibly classic feel, a subtle nod to style from decades past.

When selecting a new suit I try to find a fit that feels not only comfortable but also covering all the right places, so you could show off your summer glow with no worries at all.

This season has a variety of textures and prints to make finding the perfect summer swimsuit that much easier!

See below for a few of my favourites right now! 


Wide-brim Hat

Hats have always been a staple of my summer wardrobe, both for sun protection and for style. Even the simplest outfit feels intentional and put-together when topped with a beautiful hat.

Classic and feminine, the straw hat is perfect for an afternoon stroll, especially when paired with your favourite dress.


 White Shirt

    One of my everyday staples is a classic white button down that serves as the foundation piece from which to build new looks.  

    Whether relaxing in the park, or heading to the beach, this classic button-up shirt is an easy throw-on piece to pair with sandals and denim shorts.  

 A classic shirt is always nice, but finding one with added details like a ruffled collar or embroidery  is always special. 

    Lately, I have loved striped models perfect for the seaside, obviously.

 Basket Bag

    Over the years I've collected my share of basket bags, finally whittled down last year to a hand full of favourite styles. The texture and structure in these natural fiber bags compliment a variety of looks, especially during the spring and summer months. Woven totes, in particular, offer the room to carry all of my essentials when I'm on the go.

A mini basket bag, like this one with green textile handles with little white flowers, is perfect for pairing with your favourite summer dress for an evening stroll near the beach. 



A mini dress adds a relaxed, easy going style for summer, especially when paired with simple sandals or slides. Staying cool and comfortable this time of year is a definite priority, with heat and humidity on the rise. A breezy mini dress offers a great solution with minimal effort and a maximum return. Whether you are searching for a simple shirtdress, or something more romantic and/or statement-worthy, see below for the prettiest minis to wear all summer long!

Denim shorts

A quintessential summer-time classic that looks as good in the city as it does on the beach. Whether you prefer light washmedium wash, or dark wash, a pair of denim shorts is a timeless staple - tone it down with ugly dad sandals (a staple this summer) or your favourite white sneakers and a flower crown. 

Retro Sunglasses

One of my biggest sources of inspiration is classic movies, so it’s no surprise that I now gravitate toward silhouettes and details that will stand the test of time. Even when I’m wearing a more simple outfit, I love adding a vintage-inspired twist with sunglasses – you’ll never find me without a pair in my bag! From cat-eye shapes to coloured frames, sunglasses can make a big statement, regardless of their price tag.


After years of over-packing I’ve finally understood that less is in fact more. What are your ultimate clothing pieces and/or accessories that you never travel without?

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