February 16, 2020

The Ultimate GirlBoss Outfit

With the start of February and Valentine's Day officially gone, it means that Spring is not too far off. This winter was not particularly cold one, so I really got the opportunity to rotate my heavy coats with slightly lighter outerwear pieces like my favourite blazers. If you follow me for a while, you know how much I love a good blazer. With plaid trend all over the internet I was more than obsessed with getting this oversized plaid blazer from H&M this January and wearing it with all of my favourite closet staples at the moment. (I also bought the plaid set of blazer and skirt in similar plaid pattern that H&M offered this season as well, but more about these pieces in the coming weeks). 
I’ve realized I can’t resist plaid, especially when it comes in the form of a beautiful double-breasted blazer. This one particularly features so many details I love at the moment - a slightly oversized menswear-inspired
that is a huge trend right now and a plaid pattern that makes even the most casual or monochromatic look pop up. I’m looking forward to re-wearing and reworking it into my outfits in the coming months.
The best thing about plaid? You can bring out those same pieces year after year and it will rarely feel dated. If anything it will start to feel vintage and everyone who admires your plaid blazer will be wishing they bought it when you did.

I layered the blazer over a favourite Ramones t-shirt, skinny black jeans and my beloved combat boots - another huge trend at the moment that I'm obsessed with for almost ten years now. Simply go through the LOOKS section of the blog to see what I mean. That's why I'm more than happy that now there are countless options available since till last winter it was quite difficult finding combat boots and that was all I was wearing. So, to catch the moment, since like most trends this one will come to an end any time soon, I went on a huge shopping spree this season and bought myself a couple of new pairs of combat boots that I can't wait to wear and show you. So, stay tuned for that too.

What you think of plaid and combat boots? Are they your cup of tea or not? Really curious to hear.. 

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