December 12, 2019

Best Beauty Gifts for Makeup Lovers

We all have at least one of those friends who's rarely spotted without the latest, most popular lipstick shade. Nothing makes a makeup lover happier than a thoughtful beauty gift for the holidays, but giving them something you know they haven't already tried and tossed is a big risk. So, some of my favorite gifts to give are products that I personally love and can recommend with ease. And even though the beauty lover in your life likely already has some sort of the products I have chosen for today's post in their arsenal, their unique design and packaging were the things that draw me the most.

When browsing all the beauty websites on Black Friday, I discovered a new to me make-up brand - IDC Color. It's not a luxury brand, quite affordable actually, but the quality of the products is good and the casing of the different products is so extraordinarily beautiful.

Let's start with their incredibly cute lip balms shaped like french macarons in sweet pastel colours. I have a lip balm with me all the time - in my handbag, on my nightstand, on my working desk.. I guess that's the case with most women, and what is more cute than a lip balm looking like your favorite macaron and smelling like it too.
Also, during the month of December in DM stores you can find a limited edition brush set by Standelli that's called Macarons! too. The set contains five of the main makeup brushes in sweet pastel colours as well. What a coincidence?

The products that draw me the most though were the bronzers and the blushes. Their packaging really stood out to me and when everything is 50% off why don't splurge on a little bit. I bought all four options available online and couldn't stop admiring their design. Scroll down to see what I mean..

Of course, I had to add false lashes to the set, since the holidays are coming. Every beauty queen uses them especially on special occasions when a dramatic eye makeup is needed.

I bought all IDC products from DODIS (where you can shop them if you live in Bulgaria); for EU citizens there are plenty IDC products on Amazon.

Another product that I was curious to try but never had the nerve is the Essence Glow like a Mermaid highlighter. It looks so magical, perfect for summer nights or Christmas celebrations. I haven't tried it yet, but decided to include it in today's post because of its pastel mermaidlike nuances that go hand in hand with the other beauty products.

The highlighter can be found on DODIS again for Bulgaria and Amazon for EU.

One of the biggest trends in the skincare section recently is Foreo. But what if that's a bit pricey for you? Well, I have you covered. 
A couple of months ago, a new to Bulgaria Japanese brand called MINISO opened its first store in Sofia. Like anybody else I went to see what the fuss is all about and actually found some really interesting things. The one thing that I ended up buying though was a facial cleansing brush that looks just like the Foreo Luna 3 for a price under 20 leva (10 euros). I have been using it ever since and I'm more than pleased with the results. So, if you want to follow the latest trend like every fashion/beauty blogger on the Internet, but you don't want to spend a fortune, here is a cheap alternative that works too. At least that's my experience with it.

I hope you find something to make all of the ladies in your life smile this holiday season or at least inspire your holiday shopping! Remember that not the price of the gift is important but the sweet gesture of remembering someone and showing them your appreciation during the most wonderful time of the year.

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