December 14, 2017

Burgundy for Fall

I’m sure that my love for pretty things comes as no surprise. And while I like to dip my toes into some trends here and there, my true love for all things feminine remains. And even though I often say that I feel most confident in jeans and a tee, I feel that way in a beautiful dress as well. So, when I saw this beautiful embellished one at Zara I couldn't stop myself and bought three of them - this amazing burgundy one that I'm wearing in today's pictures, one black and one emerald green with similar embroideries.

This is my very first piece of clothing in burgundy colour and even though it is quite uncommon choice for me than the usual palette I gravitate towards, it still felt refreshing and colorful compared to all black everything. The natural autumnal colors that literally covered every inch of the landscape complimented my look perfectly, not to mention the immensely warm weather for the season, which allowed me to walk around the grounds of Vrana Palace without a coat in late November.

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