October 18, 2017

Sunday Morning Indulgence

In life we develop routines. Good or bad, they help us get through the same tasks that we face daily. Routines are comfortable and familiar, which is why we rarely challenge them. We feel satisfied and the thought of change can seem overwhelming, especially when we think we are content with the results we’re currently getting. But usually in reality those routines that we stick to are not always the best ones for us. For example,
I stay up way past my bedtime every single night of the week, not because I have some serious tasks to complete, but because I often watch pointless TV or distract myself on Instagram. Somehow, I go to bed around 1am. And every single night, around that time, I ask myself “How did I get here, again?!” 
 In an ideal world, I would end my night at 10pm, having started winding down sometime around 9pm..

The vicious cycle of my nightly routine repeats itself over and over again, and each morning, when I wake up groggy (and feel misarable at work), I vow to go to bed earlier. The problem is though…that our days are full and busy and often times, there’s leftover work that needs to be done like laundry, cooking, cleaning and etc. 
So, while I'm still trying to break my bad nighttime habits, I decided to create a good one for the morinng at least. And even though there are not enough hours in a day to begin with breakfast like this every single morning, the weekends are a great opportunity to indulge ourselves a little bit more than on a regular morning. After all, how are we supposed to perform our best if we are not taking care of ourselves?

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