July 7, 2017

Pink lace blouse and ballerina flats

Pink has always been my favorite color and I remember when I was going to school dressed in pink from head to toe and didn't care what anyone would say. But as I grew up and started my first job as a pharmacist I decided that it is time to start dressing more mature. But recently I have found cute pink pieces to add to my wardrobe which are just as elegant and work appropriate for a young girl and didn't hesitate to buy them at all. 
 This pink ruffled lace top from Zara is my favorite. It’s a dainty lace fabric and has the prettiest ruffles in person, plus it's slightly cropped which is perfect for my height.
Also I have been very into the ballerina trend for the last year and a half and finally decided to incorporate it in my wardrobe as well with these insanely cute blush pink satin balet flats from Zara. And to be completely honest I didn't stopped there.. I bought two more pairs from H&M - again in blush pink and in black but with lace ribbons at the ankle and simply can't wait for an opportunity to wear them.

 To finish the look I wanted to find a cute little bag in the same light pink color palette and even though pink became popular again in the last two years I didn't have any luck. There were a lot of pink bags but the model or the shade of pink wasn't right. I was beginning to get frustrated and it was my last day before our trip to Greece and I really wanted to bring my new pink pieces with me.. and finally at Forever 21 I found this little crossbody bag for just 5 euro. It was not what I really wanted but it was an acceptable alternative at least for this trip. Actually I'm very pleased with the end result, but still am going to continue with my hunt for the perfect pink bag.

As you already know I never leave the house without my Pandora jewellery and since I recenly got two new charms for my bracelet at the sales, I couldn't help but show you my new little finds. Can you guess which they are based on my previous posts? 

P.S. What do you think about the new blog design? I have added sections - BEAUTY, LOOKS and TRAVEL in order to make it easier for you if you are looking for specific outfit post or beauty product I have shared. Please share your thoughts!

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