December 23, 2016

'tis the Season

One of the reasons why I love the holiday season the most is because it brings family and friends together, near and far. We all live such busy lives throughout the year, so slowing down and having quality time to unwind and be surrounded with the people we love is all I want.

Giving presents is one of my all time favourite things to do during the holiday season. And even though I love receiving gifts as well, I still prefer giving, because there is nothing more fulfilling and heartwarming than seeing the face of the person who is tearing the wrapping paper with anticipation. Also, since this year my sister is coming home for Christmas (she is living in Germany), I simply want everything to be perfect. Although, at the end of the day, your family and friends will remember the memories from those celebrations more than the gifts themselves.

This particular day, after shopping and running errands in the city, my boyfriend and I decided to reward ourselves with something warm and delicious. And what is more suitable for this time of the year than a hot Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks in their festive red cups. For the day, I chose the most Christmas appropriate dress I have, comfortable riding boots, since we were about to walk a lot and some timeless Pandora jewellery.


Maybe you’re heading home for the holidays or to your in-laws. It doesn't really matter.. But I hope you’re all able to give yourself a break and enjoy this very special time of the year. Turn off your cell phones, shut down your computers and get excited about all the festivities.
Have a happy holidays!
Coat - Zara / Dress - Mohito / Boots - Paollo Botticelli / Jewellery - Pandora

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