December 30, 2016

Christmas morning

And just like that, Christmas is over. The weekend came and went so quickly, but it was one of the best holidays we have had so far. Almost the whole family got together for the first time in years and is was clear that everyone was more than happy about it.
To me, the holidays are family time. No matter how spread out we all are, it’s the one time of year when we put our own schedules aside and make it just about family. 

Usually I get excited about Christmas away before the officially accepted as normal and hardly contain myself from decorating every room in the house at least until December 1st.. So, it's not a surprise that
 I can’t help myself from wanting to wear all things red, plaid, knit and fair isle.
Also, you won’t ever find me in sweats, but you can most definitely find me around the house in my pjs. Usually, the first thing I do once I'm home from a long day is to slip into my pajama. So, of course, my favorites at this time of the year are the Christmassy ones.
And when I saw this particular pjs, I immediately ordered it, because it combains all of the above. The perfect Christmassy pajama... Even though I got for Christmas another one with little reindeers on it, which is just as sweet.

For the day after Christmas, when all the hustle and bustle are gone, I want to just be cozy and spend some quality time at home doing absolutely nothing. I love getting dressed up, but there is something so nostalgic and comforting being in your favourite pjs all day, bundled up on the couch, watching movies (Home Alone preferably) and eating tons of desserts. It's Christmas after all.

What is your favourite thing to do during and after the holidays?
Pjs - H&M / Mug - Starbucks
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