August 15, 2016

Boho vibes

Summer's almost gone.. and I haven't yet showed you my summer uniform. On every day off from work and on those rarely occasions when I am actually going out I always wear something like the pieces in today's post. This includes my hat, which is so versatile that I wear it so much not only in the summertime, but also as my favourite accessory in the autumn/winter time too. It slowly became my signature going out style and almost everyone I know, knows me for the hat..

Another thing that I am really excited about is that not only the bohemian style is so trendy in the last couple of years, but also the big come back of the off-the-shoulder tops. I won't lie to you, I already bought a significant amount of them in different shades, colours, materials and cuts.

My favourite model of shorts are those with loose fit and this particular pair not only has the perfect fit for my figure and for my taste, but it also is made from suede material that I love so, so much. I actually bought them in khaki colour too just in case.. :)


The last touches to the look are of course some jewellery and my beloved fringe bag, which if you remember well I have in khaki colour too.. We clearly have a suede/fringe addict here!

What do you think of this look? Are there any 70's lovers?

Hat - H&M / Blouse - H&M / Shorts - H&M / Sandals - H&M / Bag - Stradivarius / Rings - Pandora, H&M / Bracelets - souvenirs from Greece and handmade pieces
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