November 12, 2015

Through the streets of Kavala Part 2

One of the greatest things about Greece is that you can wander with no particular direction through the little streets of any city or even a small village and still you will find unbelievable places, which you didn't even imagined.. 


 On one of our wanders through the old town of Kavala we met this awesome Bulgarian woman, which is a painter, married to a Greek. They have a souvenir shop and sell all kinds of stuff.. She told us amazing stories about Kavala, also about all the places we must not miss and other interesting details about this old town, which she now calls her home.. Her husband turned out a great one too.. He was joking with me about the amount of donkey souvenirs I bought every time we were passing by them.. If you ever visit Kavala this is the place..

We made one more friend there as well..

Another great thing about Greece is that there are taverns and bars almost at every step.. Which makes it quite hard to pick just one..


 And even though they are empty in the day light, they are bursting with people in the evening..

The choice wasn't easy, but finally we decided to try out this tavern..

It won us with its gingham tablecloths.. 

..and with the good company it offers..

We ordered quite a lot, but we wanted to be sure that we won't miss anything..

We began with a Greek salad, of course, with an olive oil and the most amazing feta cheese ever (which is my favourite by the way).. in combination with toasted bread with an olive oil and seasonings as well..

Then we were ready for the main course.. A souvlaki for him..

..and something similar to gyros for me, but I can't remember its name.. Sorry..

 All of this washed down with a good amount of Greek beer, of course.. (If you find yourself in the area, I strongly recommend you this place!)

Another great place that we found was the 'The Wood and Rock bar', which doesn't look very impressive in the day light..

But it's a whole other story in the evenings..

It is lighted with old-fashioned lanterns and candles in hand-made candlesticks. There are parked motorcycles in front of it and you could hear the rock music from quite a distance..

All of this combined with great cocktails, the person you love and the lights of Kavala, twinkling in the distance.. It's fair to say that we visited it more than once and it definitely turned into our favourite bar..

You should definitely give it a go!

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