August 12, 2015

La bohème

I finally found some time to share with you one of my favourites this summer.. I'm wearing this outfit quite too much, but I do not care at all! I love it! That's all! The more observant of you may noticed my bag.. What can I say? Yes, you're all right! This is another one of my new bags. And I'm not going to tease you anymore.. The third one is the same, but in black colour. As I said the last time, I'm really into those 70s, more bohemian looks recently. I simply want to live like a gypsy in sunny California for the rest of my life.. However, It's time to go to work. Have a nice day, you guys, and be sure to tell me what do you think about this look?

Sunglasses - SIX / Dress - H&M / Denim vest - H&M / Bag - Stradivarius / Sneakers - Converse
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