June 17, 2015

Premium breakfast

Hello, everyone! I'm so sorry again for this long radio silence period.. Even though I love blogging, my schedule is incredibly full.. I'm living at such a fast pace in the last couple of months, that I really can't believe is already June. If I could, I would blog every single day, maybe in a perfect world.. 
Anyway, the topic today is a bit different, yet linked with the fast life of a modern girl/ woman. As I'm quite busy and almost never have enough time to do the things I enjoy outside of my work, I always try to spare a few hours for myself in the morning. You know these little rituals we all have.. I like to have enough time for my morning coffee, to eat proper breakfast, to do my hair and make-up and so on.. It's really important to find this time for yourself, even if it is just 20 minutes. I'm still working on finding more time about reading.. It's something I enjoy the most since I was a little girl and it makes me really sad that there is never time for it. But everybody makes sacrifices, and this is something I have to do in order to have more free time to study english, which is my main goal right now. 
Have a nice day, you guys, and keep calm, the weekend is really close! Also don't forget to spare some time just for yourself, it's something you need a lot and definitely deserve!

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