April 2, 2015

Combat boots

If you have not found so far I'm definitely a boots person. Most girls/ women lose their breath when they see new designer bag, but as mush as I'm concerned bags are not that interesting to me (not entirely, I mean I'm only a human and it happens sometimes to lose my head over some bag hehe), but I prefer shoes, and to be totally honest boots in particular. So here I present you the latest addition to my boots collection - the combat boots. Something I've been looking for quite a while. I found them at H&M, while shopping leather pants and stuff.. They seemed like the perfect addition to all my other purchases..
Also I bought them in February when I got my very first pay check, so a little sin then seemed appropriate. And to sum it up, I've been wearing them almost non-stop. If this is not enough to convince you, for me definitely is.
Have a nice day you guys, and stay tuned for the whole outfit very soon.
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