December 30, 2012

This Christmas..

This year's festive season began with an early Christmas present - this adorable mug from Starbucks, which is something I've been craving for a really long time.

As soon as I came home for the holidays I could not wait to start decorating and preparing for Christmas Eve. So the first thing I did was to decorate the Christmas tree.

The Christmas day started with suitable for the season drink in my new Christmas mug..

 .. and of course some Christmas presents.

Later that day I decided to make something yummy for desert. So now you will see my first cookies, which I made all by myself.

It turned out that their decoration took me quite a while, and without even realizing it, it was already time for dinner. So I had to deal with the arrangement of the table, which is something I do with great pleasure every year.

There was nothing left but to enjoy a wonderful Christmas dinner in the company of my family.

But from all the Christmas presents, the most valuable one is the opportunity to spend the holidays with my loved ones.  

  I hope that you had a magical Christmas Eve, filled with lots of love and happiness.

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