November 15, 2012


Currently in Bulgaria we enjoy wonderful autumn weather with little rain and plenty of sunshine. Аnd apparently it will last this way for some time, which is great! I really have nothing to complain about, except maybe a little bit of the university, but which student does not get bored with constant lectures, classes and tests. I am a fourth year student of Pharmacy, so my program is quite intense, the exams are approaching really fast and they will be some of the most difficult ones so far. Anyway, enough about the university..
About the outfit I'm wearing in this post, I'll say that is one of my favourites! I know that I'm saying this pretty much about every look I post, but it really is. The other day I came across one quote of Oscar de la Renta - „When a woman falls in love with something so much that she wants to wear it – it is at that point and that point only that it becomes fashion.” And I could not be more agree with it. This is so simple explanation why we dress the way we dress. What do you think about it?
The Ramones t-shirt is something I've been craving for so long and it actually is another birthday gift from a really great friend of mine. The t-shirt is made especially for me, so no one have absolutely the same, which is cool.
Cape - Stradivarius / Blazer - Stradivarius / Leggings - Bershka / Ankle boots - Zara / Glasses - H&M / Belt - Pull & Bear (Men' section) /Bag - Paolo Botticelli / Watch - Morina Austria / T-shirt - customised

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