September 18, 2012

Day 2: Stob's Pyramids

This amazing rock phenomenon is on the way to the Rila Monastery.  The pyramids have the name of the village of Stob, which is the successor of the ancient Thracian city Stobi, destroyed by floods in the legends. I will not bore you with more tourist information. If you are interested you can find one here and here (it's in English).  
I hadn't visited this amazing place before and even though I had an idea of ​​roughly what to expect, I was super surprised. The reason for this was the fact that when I saw the pyramids with my own eyes they looked a million times more beautiful and majestic than the pictures I've seen. Also the view which is revealed to you when you climb to the top is breathtaking.
I'm not wearing very different outfit from the day before, but when you will climb, it's necessary to be with comfortable clothes and shoes.
Enjoy the pictures and for sure tell me what do you think?

Glasses - H&M / T-shirt - Terranova / Jeans - Stradivarius / Sneakers - H&M

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