August 6, 2012

Silver glow and dreamcatchers

I hesitated a lot whether to post these pictures or not. I have several reasons for that: First, I wanted to do pictures with this outfit on the beach, but since this year we will not go on vacation, this option falls. Second, you can not normally see me with hair tied up, it happens almost never. Also the pictures are quite similar and not very good quality ..
Anyway, I am wearing my favorite earrings, although I have not showed them to you yet. They are dreamcatchers with white feathers. I promise you better pictures of them as soon as possible. So feel free to tell me what do you think?

Glasses - Mango / Earrings - Bijou Brigitte / Sandals - Paolo Botticelli / Clutch - Avon / Bracelets - H&M
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