July 5, 2012

Printed dress

I'm back! It's been more than a month and I'm really sorry for that.. First I had exams and right after that I went to a rock fest with my boyfriend and couple other friends. I got home 3 days ago and then I had to do a task imposed on me by the university - a few days practice in the herbal pharmacy (this is a part of the course of Pharmacognosy). I even managed to go to the pool and gather some tan for that period. As for this outfit - I'm wearing one of my favorite new dresses. I bought her before my exams from an Indian shop and I can honestly say that I adore it. The fabric is really soft and falls gently on the body. The colors are also quite different from what I usually wear. But in the summer I allow myself to experiment with new colors, textures and patterns. The shoes are also new. But I think they fit perfectly with the dress and the bag. What do you think?
 Dress - from an Indian shop / Shoes and bag - Paolo Botticelli / Glasses - Six
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