July 29, 2012

Blue hearts

I present you my last purchase (just for now I guess) from the Indian shop. It is a dress again, whose pattern and shape fascinate me from the window. And although I show you this beauty just now, it is actually my first purchase and the main reason to go in to the store at first place. My most favorite part of it is actually the back of the dress - cut down quite a lot with golden zipper. In my opinion it looks really sexy and even a little bit seductive.. What do you think?
You can also see my tattoo, which I got just 10 days ago and still can't get enough of it. I wanted to get a tattoo for so long and now when it actually happened I can't believe it, but be sure that I'm very happy with it.
Dress - from an Indian shop / Glasses - Mango / Bag & Sandals - Paolo Botticelli
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