January 17, 2012

Festive moments

I really miss festive moments like decorating the Christmas tree and the house, cooking of Christmas meals and decorating the table, giving/receiving gifts (of course), reading of favorite Christmas books with a warm blanket, drinking warm and delicious drinks in even more adorable cups, Christmas canes and Christmas carols, all the excitement in the air and that magical feeling in my tummy, almost like butterflies.. Oh, how I love Christmas..
Most of you will think that it is too late for this post since January almost gone .. but I am one of those rare freaks who love Christmas so much that even in the hottest summer days dream of it. I wear Christmas in my heart the whole year through, just as Scrooge says at the end of the book "A Christmas Carol" (by Charles Dickens).
Unfortunatly the last three years, I can not celebrate the holidays as it should, because my exams are right after them .. And I have to study during the holidays to be prepared. Only two more years I have left at the university and I will be free to celebrate Christmas properly.  

P.S. Even if you do not know Bulgarian, the little Cupid can remind you that my fortune for the new year is Love.
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