December 7, 2015

Greek romance

While in Kavala, we were staying at Lucy Hotel, which even though is a little bit far from the city center, is situated just a couple of meters away from the beach and offers spectacular views of the Aegean sea and the town of Kavala.

Here's what I meant.. Not a bad view to wake up to, right?

And while in the afternoons we have been exploring the city, the hidden beaches or the cliffs of Kavala, our mornings were far more relaxing..

Usually we were at the hotel's pool, enjoying the sun..


or simply spending some quality time together..

Being with my love 24/7 for a while was more than amazing!

Every day after dinner, we have been strolling by the sea hand in hand, enjoying the ever-changing colours of the sky.. I don't think there is something quite like the skies in Greece at sunset. If the magic does exist, that's it..

Another thing we have been enjoying was opening a bottle of bubbly at the beach after the sun sets, with the moonlight and the sound of the sea as our only companion..

And eventually going back to our room for some much needed sleep..

 .. or continuing the evening on the balcony. I mean, a drink or two with this view is required! Don't you think?
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